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The end of the world

All my life I’ve dreamed of the apocalypse.
When I was a child I barred the doors
and windows against the invasions
that came when I slept.

Now that I’m grown
I still dream that it’s coming
I pack a bag and flee,
home is no longer a refuge.

When I’m awake I believe it will come
in slow small steps, unnoticed,
until it’s too late to get away.

Today I saw it
in the bodies of children
sleeping in the forest,
sprawled in town squares
on the other side of the world.

Then I turned and looked and knew
that it’s been here
all the time
behind me.



She is the biggest bravest cow in the village. Her sister too... Whenever they see my cow chasing dog the two of them walk solemnly towards her. The dog then pretends that she really wasn't trying to make them run away, and finds something interesting on the other side of the path. Three days ago this little brown bull was born. here he is, new and wobbly, with his great big mama. #smallmiracles #countrylife #lovethisplace
The colours of autumn. Down near the river bank the wild dagga is flowering and scattering its petals in joyous abandon. The air is changing. The sun is softer now, and some mornings a mist lies across the valley. #hometown #countrylife #autumncolours
The harvest... There is no-one here to catch the olives on a blanket,/ no-one to carry them to the mill at the well,/ no plodding donkey to pull the stone wheel/ that grinds the olives. //No-one here to pull the bucket from the well/to empty it and watch the oil rise. / No-one to scoop the clouded green/into clay jars, skimming it from the water/with a flip of the wrist. //Only the birds in the trees and the wind are there/only the cicadas and the sun. #poetsofinstagram #thechildrenareleaving
I look around my world and see the insects vanishing, bees threatened, poison being sprayed from helicopters on the fields near our village... And I wonder how it is that we can't see how we are destroying this beautiful planet. I hope my garden can be a safe home for creatures like this tiny frog, who came inside last night to get away from the rain. #savetheplanet #ghostfrog
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