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The end of the world

All my life I’ve dreamed of the apocalypse.
When I was a child I barred the doors
and windows against the invasions
that came when I slept.

Now that I’m grown
I still dream that it’s coming
I pack a bag and flee,
home is no longer a refuge.

When I’m awake I believe it will come
in slow small steps, unnoticed,
until it’s too late to get away.

Today I saw it
in the bodies of children
sleeping in the forest,
sprawled in town squares
on the other side of the world.

Then I turned and looked and knew
that it’s been here
all the time
behind me.



My black cat lives in night’s pockets,
screams like a peacock in the dark.
I hear his wail and try to think of God
as the Sufis say I should.

He cannot remember
where to find me.
It’s the suffering of old age
that cries out for company, for food, for love.

He is empty,
stuffed with nameless desire
that lives in his stomach,
in the hollow above his pelvis
in the sway of his back
and in the stink of his breath.

I hear the cry and awaken to memory
wrapped in night’s garment, calling out
“ here I am, I am here, you are not alone”.


the wind is a freight train
carrying sea salt
the screams of children
and paper tumbleweeds.

moments on the path

fat bellied secrets grow
from the seeds
of lost words
dropped on forest paths.


sunlight leaks through the curtains
tattered dreams hide under the chair
questions are piled high in the corner
words scratch at the window
begging to be let in.


Pine trees line-dancing
in the forest
wearing garlands of rain.


a dream

He said ” as far as I’m concerned, human beings are supposed to be highways for love”.

i want

I want to tell you my dreams
while you hold me
in the dark.

I want to whisper my secrets
into your drowsy ear
at sunrise.

I want to share my fears
over fish and chips
at the harbour
while the seagulls scream above us.

Let me in.

June 2018
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