a ghazal for the wind

My soul is a scrap of paper blown by the wind,
my cold tears have named themselves sorrow and loss.
I lie awake and listen to the crying wind.

Come beloved, walk with me in our secret garden
where sparrows gather, waiting for crumbs to fall
see, the petals of summer’s last rose flee from the wind.

They tell me that God has one hundred and one names
my tongue stumbles over saying one. In the face
of His glory I am but a reed in the wind.

The aloe’s spiked flowers pierce the grey clouds, blood red
the waterfall merrily counts the steps to the sea
seagulls soar, suspended overhead in the wild wind.

Winter settles deep in my bones and makes a home
my love is a flame grown cold and grey with waiting.
Even the brown tortoise turns his back to the wind.

If I surrender to this voice where will it lead me?
The ship has lost its captain and blows rudderless
across the sea, hounded by a following wind.

In the calm after the storm the birds sing a new day
golden sunlight slants warmth through an open window
one cloud still hangs, motionless, waiting for the wind.


1 Response to “a ghazal for the wind”

  1. 1 Helen Douglas October 17, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    love this – and imagining it set to music. a celtic ghazal nogal?

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